About us, testimonials, and more!

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About us, testimonials, and more!

Shrader Coffee Company uses only the highest quality, expertly roasted coffee beans resulting in a cup of coffee that will open your eyes to a day that's been started right.


We care about the coffee that we provide - which is why we personally test every coffee that is featured in our catalog. Additionally, we strive to ensure that we source our coffee beans ethically and from top producers. If we don't enjoy and trust our products, why should you?


Shrader Coffee Company (Based in the Bay Area) sells many different types of coffee from all over the world that we ship to anywhere in the world! Cold brew coffee, decaf coffee, k-cup coffee, and more, all available right here at Shrader Coffee Company. 



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"SCCFALL" for free shipping on all orders over $55.00




"Just arrived, bursting with intense aroma ... can't wait to have a cup!"

-Catherine S. Coronado, CA.


"Simply yum..."

-Carrie E. Colfax, CA.


"The Hazelnut and K-cup options are my go-to's!"

-Kristine M. Martizen, CA.


"This coffee is amazing!"

-Harrison S. Auburn, CA.


"The first time I visited the store, I couldn't decide what to buy because there are so many options! I ended up taking a leap with the Chocolate Hazelnut roast and I couldn't be happier! I will definitely be back..."

-Haley E. -Woodbridge, VA.